Morning Brief: Fuel price shock; Zuma sitting pretty; & Apple's big reveal

EWN brings you the news you may have missed overnight and what you need to know about the day ahead.

Petrol gauge. Picture: Public Domain.

JOHANNESBURG - Good morning! Ok, it's not such a good morning. The fuel price outlook for October is not ayoba. Well, one person who definitely isn't going to be having money problems (for now, at least) is Jacob Zuma. If you don't know, Apple has released a new iPhone. Check out these stories and more in our morning brief.


🏃‍♀🚌Tjo! Tjo! Tjo! Plus another tjo! The fuel price outlook for October Is bleak. Get those bicycles, bus tags & running shoes ready for Transport month.

🤷🏽‍♂State capture? What state capture? JZ takes a leaf out of T Mbeki’s book.

💰”I ain’t worried about nothin’.” Speaking of JZ, he is one person who’s unlikely to worry about the fuel price going up - he’s set to continue earning his state salary.

⚖🧟‍♀[CARTOON] Crime & punishment.

By Dr Jack & Curtis.

📱It’s September so that means it’s time for a new iPhone but this year the real star in Apple's new collection could be a new watch.

💅🏾Kurrrrr! No throwing shoes here … Cardi B and Drake lead nominations for the American Music Awards.


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