Dams feeding Cape Town just under 70% full

Dams feeding Cape Town have improved by 3.2 percentage points over the last week to 69.1%.

FILE: The Theewaterskloof Dam near Cape Town. Picture: Bertram Malgas/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Dams feedings the Cape Town have improved by 3.2 percentage points over the last week. They're now rippling at just under 70%.

This will embolden city bosses who have decided to relax the city's tight water restrictions.

On Monday, the municipality announced that it would lower water restrictions and tariffs from Level 6B to Level 5 from October due to the encouraging dam recovery.

That means the city is asking residents to use no more than 70 litres per person per day, up from a 50-litre limit.

Average daily water consumption for the past week declined from 535 million litres to 526 million litres.

The city says that its decision to relax restrictions on consumers was based on signs of water conservation, rising dam levels, as well as assessments and consultations with water users and municipalities.

Deputy mayor Ian Nelson explains: “What we have done now is an interim step that we’re still waiting on the department to make their decision.”

The national Water and Sanitation Department’s Sputnik Rata says it’s within the responsibility of any local government to lower water restrictions.

“The city has been saying it wants the department to reduce its restrictions so that they can reduce theirs. These two things don’t necessarily go together.”

(Edited by Shimoney Regter)