[LISTEN] When TV ads fail

Branding and advertising expert Andy Rice discusses this week’s advertising ‘heroes’ and ‘zeroes’.

JOHANNESBURG - Branding and advertising expert Andy Rice shares with Talk radio 702 presenter Bruce Whitfield the week’s advertising “heroes” and “zeroes”.

Rice critiqued a funny and more than a little mischievous new advert by Nando’s.

“Every Nando’s TV commercial - when it breaks - it’s something of a story in its own rights,” says Rice.

In the ad, Nando’s takes shots at several brands, but especially Absa.

The bank’s recent campaign “Africanacity” becomes “African-nasti”.

Rice says the commercial looks at a largely, sort of, dystopian future that so many brands use as the basis of where they’re going and said why must we do everything like this.

WATCH: More South African Flavour - Nando's advert.

For more information listen to the audio above.

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