[LISTEN] Leslie Sedibe wins landmark case against Fifa

Fifa has been stripped of all its South African trademarks and is now forced to hand.

JOHANNESBURG - Former South Africa Football Association (Safa) Leslie Sedibe is suing Fifa for over R70 million for a case of defamation of character.

The football federation has been stripped of its South African trademarks after a North Gauteng High Court Judge Van der Westhuizen gave an attachment order, which favours Sedibe.

The world football governing body is now forced to submit documents that could expose corruption.

David Swartz, an attorney at Swartz Attorneys, shares with Talk Radio 702 some background on the case.

“It was an issue around match-fixing and the likes, where Leslie [Sedibe] was made a scapegoat and the fall guy. He wasn’t represented at Fifa during the disciplinary process and he wasn't even present,” said Swartz.

For more information listen to the audio above.

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