[LISTEN] Ad agency pulls Trump-Verwoerd campaign, returns Loeries

Talk Radio 702 presenter Bruce Whitfield speaks to TBWA CEO Sean Donovan about the Gold Loeries award-winning radio ad.

JOHANNESBURG - TBWA Hunt Lascaris has said that they will be handing back their prestigious gold Loeries Award.

The advertising agency acknowledged it inadvertently misquoted apartheid prime minister HF Verwoerd and President Donald J Trump in an advert produced for the Apartheid Museum.

The campaign juxtaposing Verwoerd and Trump won an award at the Loeries Awards a week ago.

TBWA Hunt Lascaris confirmed that it inadvertently took some of the sources believed to be trustworthy and used them in its recent award-winning “Past and Present” campaign at face value and should have dug deeper.

Talk Radio 702 host Bruce Whitfield speaks to TBWA CEO Sean Donovan about their decision to pull the campaign and what went wrong.

Donovan says a genuine, honest mistake was made and there was no intention to maliciously misrepresent any quotes.

“We always apply in-depth research and fact-checking in all our work. And it was certainly never our intention to attribute the wrong quotes to anyone. For that, we unreservedly apologise.”

For more information listen to the audio above.

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