Forum against human trafficking, gender-based violence launched in CT

WC Social Development Department launched the Milnerton VEP Forum, which is a coordinating tool that pulls the resources of different roleplayers to tackle the scourge.

MEC Albert Fritz speaks at the launch of the Milnerton Victim Empowerment Programme (VEP) Forum. Picture: AlbertFritz_DA/Twitter.

CAPE TOWN - The Western Cape Social Development Department has launched a forum aimed at tackling human trafficking and gender-based violence.

This is part of ongoing Women's Month commemorations.

The department launched the Milnerton VEP Forum on Friday, adding that it's an important coordinating tool which pools the resources of different spheres of government, NGOs, community-based initiatives and experts together to tackle the scourge.

The department's Sihle Ngobese said: “Our rollout of VEP Forum is an important tool in coordinating a multisector response to victim services across the province.”