[PODCAST SERIES] Lying in State: The Life Esidimeni Tragedy - The Backstory

Eyewitness News goes inside the truth of the Life Esidimeni tragedy in this six-part podcast series.

“For me, it was quite an emotional ride covering this … because you interact with your case studies every day. You eat with them … they cry. You play another role as a journalist, of being a low-level comforter."

Covering the story of the movement and subsequent deaths of over 144 mentally ill patients was an experience like no other.

In episode six of Lying in, State: The Life Esidimeni Tragedy, journalist Masego Rahlaga speaks to other reporters who covered the harrowing story about the impact it had on them.

Listen to the final episode of EWN's podcast series above.

If you've missed any of the preceding episodes listen to them here or follow it on you iOS podcast app.

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