Nicki Minaj: I always knew I’d become a superstar

Nicki Minaj says she always knew she would become a superstar and she used her restaurant customers as inspiration for her music.

Nicki Minaj. Picture: @nickiminaj/Instagram.

LONDON - Nicki Minaj says when she worked as a waitress while trying to make it as a rapper, she used to write raps about her customers.

The 35-year-old rapper - who has just released her latest album Queen - says she always knew she would become a superstar and she used her restaurant customers as inspiration for her music.

Speaking to Vogue Arabia, Minaj said: “In the restaurant where I was a waitress, I would go to someone’s table to take the orders and before I got their bread, I’d write raps on my order notepad about what they said or what they were wearing... I always thought I’m going to get the hell out of this joint, stop waitressing, and become a big superstar.”

And Minaj also admitted that she is quite sensitive and gets extremely upset when people spread lies about her.

She said: “I think anybody who says they don’t care about horrible things being said about them or lies being spread about them is not being truthful. I’m a human being and of course, it bothers me when I read lies or horrendous things about myself.”

Earlier this week, Minaj was locked in a bitter Twitter war of words with her former boyfriend Safaree Samuels, who she dated for almost 15 years, as they traded insults back and forth.

He accused her of cheating on him with Meek Mill - whom she dated from 2015 until 2017 - before claiming things got toxic between them and he packed up and left.

He added: “We know each other inside out. Everything there was for us. I didn’t use your card for prostitutes. We both didn’t trust each other. You did s##t I did s##t. You said you were messing with meek a few years b4 y’all got together and I’m not mad at that. Towards the end, it got toxic and I just packed up and left.

“I did things for spite and so did you. I don’t wish you bad and I don’t want us back together just like I’m sure you don’t. I don’t need you... you don’t need me but we will always be linked in the public no matter what. (sic).”

However, she wasn’t prepared to let her ex-beau bad mouth her on social media without dishing some dirt on him.

She hit back: “U stole my card & told me you thought it was an account with “free money” that I didn’t know about. On God. God will strike you down & more for lying. Ha! Stop saying u packed & left ! On Jesus u came to my house CRYING BEGGING to go w me to Europe to the EMA’s. I said NO DUMMY (sic).”

Minaj then claimed she paid for him to have a hair transplant to fix his receding hairline but, unlike fellow rapper Tyga, his locks fell back out because “God don’t like ugly.”