Mark Minnie was incredibly courageous, brave - Marianne Thamm

The book allegedly exposes several senior national party ministers who is believed committed sex crimes against young boys in the eighties.

Mark Minnie. Picture: Facebook

JOHANNESBURG - Mark Minnie, the co-author of the controversial book The Lost Boys of Bird Island, has been described as a brave person who risked it all to reveal an alleged paedophilia ring.

The book allegedly exposes several senior National Party ministers who are believed to have committed sex crimes against young boys in the 80s.

Minnie was found with a bullet wound to his head and a firearm was found near his body, on a farm in Port Elizabeth on Monday.

Editor of the book, Marianne Thamm, says Minnie wanted to give the alleged victims a platform to speak out after so many years.

“The alleged victims of sexual abuse by adults in powerful positions were given a voice and were given the space in which they were protected. That is what I hope will be the result of this unfortunate and absolutely devastating death of Mark.”

Before his death, Minnie was approached by many people with more damning evidence which he planned to reveal in a follow-up book.

Thamm says she spoke to him just a few days before his death and he seemed to be in good spirits.

“This is a part of our history that will continue to haunt us. Mark was incredibly courageous and brave.”

(Edited by Shimoney Regter)