[LISTEN] Jacques Pauw: Minnie could have written suicide note under duress

Pauw comments on the apartheid-era security forces activities and operations during the time and the details of Mark Minnie's book.

JOHANNESBURG - Investigative journalist and veteran author Jacques Pauw comments on the death of Mark Minnie.

Minnie, the co-author of the controversial new book 'The Lost Boys of Bird Island', was found dead after apparently taking his life.

His book exposed the involvement of at least three former National Party ministers, including Magnus Malan, in a paedophile ring.

Pauw says there are things that happened during the apartheid era that we still don't know about.

"Mark Minnie said while he was investigating the allegations of the young boys who were taken to Bird Island his docket was taken away from him by senior officers in the security branch," says Pauw.

Listen to the audio for more.

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