#MarkMinnie: Police confirm note found at the scene

This comes after author Mark Minnie was found dead in Port Elizabeth on Monday night with a gun lying next to his body.

Mark Minnie. Picture: Facebook

JOHANNESBURG – Police have confirmed that a note was found at the scene following the death of the co-author of the controversial book The Lost Boys of Bird Island Mark Minnie.

At the same time, the woman who edited the controversial book says those who have sensitive information must be careful.

This comes after co-author Minnie was found dead in Port Elizabeth on Monday night with a gun lying next to his body.

The book was published last week revealing a paedophilia ring in the 80s, singling out three National Party ministers, including Magnus Malan.

After the book came out, more victims with evidence came forward with Minnie and his co-author Chris Steyn were working on.

Assistant editor at the Daily Maverick Marianne Thamm said: “We have to be careful and look at the people who remain who have the information that Mark had. I certainly know that is going to be looked at, a very dangerous and dark space.”

Thamm, who worked closely with Minnie during the editing process of the book, says his life was in danger from when he started digging for evidence.

“I am under no illusions that there are still people around who feel very threatened by the re-opening of this investigation.”

She says the information Minnie was working on is safe and will continue to be protected despite his death.

NB Publishers says it's shocked and saddened by the death of Minnie.

Those who worked with him and Steyn say their lives have been in danger from the start. But police say they don't suspect any foul play in Minnie's death.

Thamm says Minnie's co-author is devastated.

“Chris is devastated. I haven’t spoken to her, I’ve spoken to someone close to her and I think she is going to do what she needs to do at this point, she knows what that is.”

(Edited by Thapelo Lekabe)