Zim police confirm 3 dead in post-election violent protests

Protests in the city centre have taken a violent turn with the army and police deployed to contain protests, which began on Wednesday afternoon.

A man runs from an army officer during post-election protests in Zimbabwe on 1 August 2018. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

HARARE - Police in Zimbabwe have confirmed three people have died from Wednesday's violent protests.

Hundreds of opposition MDC Alliance supporters marched through the streets of Harare, destroying property and barricading roads with rocks and burning tires.

They were protesting against the election results that confirmed Zanu-PF as a majority party in parliament.

Military trucks, tanks and helicopters were seen around Harare, with soldiers holding riffles and walking around the streets.

Members of the military were seen beating up civilians, with some firing live ammunition.

Blood could be seen on the streets of Zimbabwe after police used live ammunition on civilians and protesters who accused the electoral commission of rigging results. Members of the media have also been assaulted and some had their equipment broken.

A man, who was bleeding from the mouth after being hit, said: "I was beaten by the soldiers, okay. I was hit during the demonstration."

Protesters here have called for intervention from Southern African Development Community and the African Union, calling this a war between citizens and the Zanu-PF led government.