Zim presidential results to be announced once counting is done

Zimbabweans cast their ballots on Monday and are now waiting to hear who will be their new president.

MDC supporters celebrate outside the MDC headquarters after what was earlier allegedly announced by their leadership as a win for the 2018 Zimbabwe elections. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

HARARE – The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has announced that presidential results will be made public once counting has been completed and collated at over 10,000 voting stations across the country.

Zimbabweans cast their ballots on Monday and are now waiting to hear who will be their new president.

The commission has until 4 August to announce the final results.

The ZEC has the National Assembly constituency results that have been received from various polling stations.

The commission has only announced results from 7 out of 210 constituencies.

ZEC chair Priscilla Chigumba says the much-anticipated presidential results will only be announced much later.

“Presidential result will only be announced once the commission has completed the collation of all presidential polling stations returns… at the national results centre.”

ZEC didn’t take any questions but promised to provide another update later Tuesday evening.

Meanwhile, the opposition Movement for Democratic Change alliance's Tendai Biti held a press briefing earlier and declared Nelson Chamisa as the new president claiming the party has received results from most of the polling stations.

The former finance minister has again said that the opposition MDC Alliance has won the elections.

Chamisa has been saying throughout his campaign trail that his party will win this year's election.

Biti said: “The results show beyond reasonable doubt that we have won this election. And that the next president of Zimbabwe is advocate Nelson. These results were extrapolated from V11 forms that in some cases were posted outside the polling stations.”


MDC alliance supporters have gathered outside the party’s headquarters in Harare on Tuesday evening.

The crowd on Nelson Mandela street is growing steadily on the doorstep of the MDC Alliance’s headquarters

Party supporters can be seen singing and dancing while holding up posters of Chamisa while motorists passing by hoot in support

They are declaring victory in this year’s election

“We are here to celebrate victory. We have won, the MEC Alliance has won,” said one supporter.

“I’m waiting for the announcement of Chamisa being the new president of Zimbabwe from today,” said another.

The ZEC is yet to release the results of Monday’s election.

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(Edited by Thapelo Lekabe)