Voters begin streaming into polling stations across Zimbabwe

Thousands of police have been deployed to voting stations in today's election that many are calling a make or break for the country.

Hundreds of voters queue at a local voting station to cast their votes in the 2018 Zimbabwe presidential elections on 30 July 2018. Picture: Clement Manyathela/EWN

HARARE – Voters have begun streaming into polling stations across Zimbabwe on Monday morning to start casting their ballots.

The presidential election comes eight months after former President Robert Mugabe was removed from power after a military take over.

He was replaced by one of his long-time allies, Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Thousands of police have been deployed to voting stations in today's election, that many are calling a make or break for the country.

At a polling station in Kuwadzana in Harare as queues start to form here, those eligible to vote have braved the freezing temperatures this morning. They have even brought blankets with to keep warm.

There's only a few minutes to go until voting officially gets underway, under the watchful eye of election observers

The stakes are high and the interest even more intense.

Officials have been at pains to assure the world that everything possible has been done to prepare for this watershed election.

Meanwhile, Mugabe has reflected on his legacy while also taking a swipe at his former comrades in the ruling Zanu-PF.

Mugabe broke his silence on the eve of the election at his Borrowdale mansion, known as the Blue Roof.

He was flanked by his wife, Grace, who many have blamed for his fall from leadership.


Voters already out and eager to cast their ballots but another public spat has been playing out between the main political contenders.

In yet another twist in this tension filled election, it emerged late last night that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has reported Nelson Chamisa to the police, saying he violated the electoral act by campaigning at a press briefing on Sunday.

By law, campaigning is prohibited at least 24 hours before voting commences.

This is what Chamisa said at that press conference.

“Any outcome that will have Mnangagwa as a victor is not an election but a fiction. We’re very clear on the will of the people. It’s not as if the elections are going to be conducted on planet Mars, it’s elections in Zimbabwe.

“We know what the people want, the people have spoken. What we’re only doing today is to confirm the will of the people.”

He’s also, in turn, accused the electoral commission of trying to intimidate him and has asked why the ZEC has not reported Mnangangwa for the same violation after he posted a video on Facebook on Sunday.

(Edited by Leeto M Khoza)