State capture hearings to begin on 20 August

Justice Raymond Zondo is briefing the media on Friday on the state capture inquiry.

Justice Raymond Zondo briefs the media on Friday on the state capture inquiry. Picture: Qaanita Hunter/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Justice Raymond Zondo has announced that state capture hearings will begin on 20 August and would last for three to six weeks.

He is briefing the media in Parktown, Johannesburg, on Friday on the state capture inquiry.

Zondo says as a general rule, the hearings will be public. But he says in exceptional circumstances he can agree for hearings to be in camera.

Zondo says implicated witnesses will be given the witness statements or portions of it if it implicated them beforehand, so they can know what will be said about them. They have 14 days to respond to the allegations against them.

He adds implicated people can’t just say they deny accusations, they have to respond in detail. He further notes that there is no cross-examination of witnesses as a rule, but there can be exceptions.

At the same time, Zondo says he has been disappointed by the sluggish response from the public to provide evidence and submissions to the inquiry.

He says he hoped there would have been a greater response to calls for evidence and submissions to the commission of inquiry investigating state capture.

Zondo says people with information must come forward.

“I do have a concern that we are not getting much.”

He says witnesses have already given statements to the commission and now they will ask those implicated to submit their response to those statements before the hearings are held.

(Edited by Refilwe Thobega)