[LISTEN] 5 things we must realise about money SA is getting from BRICS

The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield interviews Marius Oosthuizen of the Gordon Institute of Business Science about how SA will benefit from the BRICS summit and what some of these deals will mean in future.

JOHANNESBURG - Marius Oosthuizen, Gordon Institute of Business Science, discussed five things we should know about BRICS funding, saying these deals mean South Africa will be forced to be a partner with China for a very long time.

He says BRICS loans come with Chinese strings attached. However, this can be good for South Africa if managed well.

Oosthuizen says BRICS presents an opportunity for South Africa to function as a regional broker and this can be a counterbalance to American isolationism and uncertainty in the EU.

He says due to BRICS funding, South Africa has a chance to improve our state-owned companies and achieve fiscal consolidation. If we want to preserve our hard-fought sovereignty, we should use this chance as it may be our last.

Listen to the audio above for more.

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