Fire erupts at Cape Town train station

Metrorail has confirmed that a fire has erupted at the Cape Town train station.

An emergency vehicle at the scene of a fire at Cape Town train station on 21 July 2018. Picture: EWN

CAPE TOWN - Another Metrorail train has gone up in flames, this time in the Cape Town CBD.

While details are still sketchy, it is understood that several carriages are currently on fire.

The city’s Fire and Rescue Services says that four fire engines have been dispatched to Cape Town train station.

Officials are currently at platforms 15 and 16 extinguishing the fire while commuters are being directed out of the station.

The fire broke out this afternoon and Metrorail says that it is unclear what started the fire.

Fire and Rescue's Theo Layne: "We are currently dealing with a train fire at Cape Town train station where they have numerous carriages that are alight. Four fire engines, two water tankers are on the scene. No injuries have been reported as yet. The cause of the fire is undetermined at this stage."

Meanwhile, a regular commuter says that she is shocked by the incident and adds that she is concerned about safety on trains.

"It is frustrating you know and then nobody seems to be able to do anything about it. Then you fear getting out because sometimes it is so full that you can't get out."

In recent weeks, there have been at least four arson attacks on trains in the city. In one incident a commuter died.

Metrorail says that the damage caused by the Steenberg train fire will cost approximately R8 million, another in Retreat is set at R5 million and an Ottery blaze will cost R6 million. This amounts to R19 million.

Additional reporting by Monique Mortlock.