[WATCH] Did KFC predict Neymar flopping during 2018 World Cup?

The KFC ad could be making fun of a lot of soccer players but Neymar has undoubtedly drawn the most conversation for his antics on the pitch.

Youtube screengrab of KFC's advert depicting the antics of 'injured' soccer players.

JOHANNESBURG – Who will win the 2018 Soccer World Cup? Is it England, Belgium or is it Brazil?

The World Cup has been on everyone’s lips lately but it’s Neymar's elaborate diving, rolling and flopping that has been dominating conversations.

Brazil’s superstar has spent plenty of time on the ground writhing in agony, some warranted and some maybe not so much.

At the start of the tournament in In June, KFC South Africa released a funny advertisement depicting a soccer player being tackled then dramatically falling to the ground and holding on to his knee.

The player then starts throwing up his hands, flopping and rolling ... until he gets to a KFC!

At the same time, Twitter has come up with the hashtag #NeymarChallenge where different gifs and memes have been shared.