[LISTEN] Here’s how police classify a suspect as a serial killer

The South African Police Service suspects killings in the Kagiso area from mid-May are linked to a serial killer.

CAPE TOWN - The South African Police Service has appealed for help to find a suspected serial killer in the Kagiso area.

Police say the killings started in mid-May this year. Professor Gérard Labuschagne, a clinical psychologist, explains how a serial killer is identified.

“Once you have a second murder occurring at a different incident and it’s linked to the same individual, you can start to consider that it’s the work of a serial murderer. Of course, if you find a lot of bodies in one geographical area, that’s one of the easiest warning signs. We do see that serial murderers tend to leave bodies in groupings of areas.”

Listen to the audio above for more.

(Edited by Shimoney Regter)

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