Evan Rachel Wood helps families separated at US border

Rachel Wood has travelled to Texas in support of families that have been separated at the US/Mexico border.

Actress Evan Rachel Wood attends the premiere of HBO’s ‘Westworld’ at TCL Chinese Theatre on 28 September 2016 in Hollywood, California. Picture: AFP

LOS ANGELES – Actress Evan Rachel Wood has revealed she's travelled to Texas in support of families that have been separated at the US/Mexico border.

The 30-year-old actress has revealed she was so distressed by some of the stories she's heard about the border situation that she has travelled to the southern state in order to offer help.

In a video posted on her Instagram account, Evan explained: "Ever since I heard about everything happening in our country and the separation policy, I've been wondering what I can do.

"So I've flown to Texas and am going to be on the front lines for the next few days to find out what I can do to help - what we can do to help."

The Westworld star subsequently implored her followers to use the hashtag #EvanInTX for more updates about what she is doing in the state.

Evan has also been vocal about the situation on her Twitter account, providing regular updates to her followers about what she's doing in Texas.

One post read: "Just hung out with some of the families at one of the shelters people are sent to while they are being processed. Played with the kids for hours. They were so sweet, insanely smart, and creative. They have obviously been thru a lot and need supplies and medicine. #EvanInTX (sic)"

Later, she revealed: "I will be fasting for 24 hours with the #breakbreadnotfamilies hunger strike, starting now. (sic)"

Meanwhile, Evan opened up about her mental health issues earlier this year, saying being a child star stopped from getting help.

She said: "I had been a child star my whole life, and I had this intense pressure to be perfect and to not have problems and to not burden anyone with problems and to work. It kept me from getting help for a long time."