Katy Perry mocks Madonna's accent

The American hitmaker poked fun at Madonna previously being mocked for her accent in the years following her marriage to director Guy Ritchie.

Singer-songwriter Katy Perry performs live in concert on her 'Witness' The Tour event held at the AT&T Center on 10 January 2018 in San Antonio, Texas. Picture: AFP.

LONDON - Katy Perry took a swipe at Madonna for her "pseudo fake accent" on stage in London on Thursday.

The Swish Swish hitmaker discussed her love of the UK during her Witness tour stop at the city's O2 venue and joked she was longing to change the way she spoke to sound more British, poking fun at the was the _Material Girl _singer was mocked for her accent in the years following her marriage to director Guy Ritchie.

Adopting an accent to talk about "going to the pub", "making tea" and "eating Heinz baked beans", Katy then quipped: "I can't wait to have a pseudo fake accent like Madonna one day, I just want to be you [the audience]."

The 33-year-old singer is currently dating actor Orlando Bloom and was previously married to Russell Brand and made a number of references to her love of "English boys" throughout the show.

She said: "I fall in love with the English very easily.

"I spend so much time here, so many crazy nights. Writing songs in Surrey, going to Topshop..."

And before performing Into Me You See, Katy seemingly credited the inspiration behind the track to 41-year-old Bloom, and joked all her fans are a big part of her relationship too.

She said: "This song is for an English boy and it's a love song and I want to dedicate it to you guys because I feel like when I fall in love with one English boy, I fall in love with you all, so we're all in this together."

Meanwhile, though Katy recently buried the hatchet with her pop rival Taylor Swift after sending her an olive branch, the pair's respective ticket sales have come under scrutiny as they're both touring the UK at the same time.

And it seems like the Look What You Made Me Do hitmaker has come out on top as she's sold over 50% more tickets this month than Perry on resale site Stubhub.