[LISTEN] How did Markus Jooste fool Steinhoff investors?

Talk Radio 702’s Bruce Whitfield spoke to RECM chairperson Piet Viljoen about his online piece analysing the former Steinhoff CEO’s character.

JOHANNESBURG – As the crisis-hit retailer Steinhoff continues to make headlines over its accounting irregularities, many questions have been asked about how former Steinhoff CEO Markus Jooste managed to fool investors so easily and allegedly perpetuate massive fraud?

To get to the bottom of this, The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield on Talk Radio 702 spoke to the Executive Chairman of asset management company RECM, Piet Viljoen, who recently penned an interesting online piece analysing Jooste’s character.

“Success in business has a lot to do with personality. It can lead you in different directions as well.”

“Every alleged fraudster needs a very strong story. A story that people can buy into that and investors can buy into. And that enables them to suspend their disbelief…”

Listen to the audio above for more.

(Edited by Thapelo Lekabe)

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