South Africans to feel pinch all round after fuel price hike, says debt expert

Petrol now costs 82 cents more, while diesel will set you back a further 85 cents following the latest fuel price increase.

Petrol pumps. Picture: EWN.

JOHANNESBURG/CAPE TOWN - As a record high fuel price kicked in on Wednesday morning, Debt Rescue says that South Africans will feel the pinch all round, not only in transport costs.

Motorists queued at petrol pumps until late on Tuesday night just before the new fuel levy came into effect.

Petrol now costs 82 cents more, while diesel will set you back a further 85 cents.

Last year this time, motorist were paying around R13 rand for petrol, now it stands at just over R15.

Debt Rescue's Neil Roets says that many can't afford this adjustment.

"The reality is there's no relief that we see anywhere else, just prices going up and the situation is that people are going to struggle."

Consumer activist Ina Wilken says that food prices will also be affected.

“Food is transported by ways of air, trains or trucks. You can imagine they have to use fuel, so it does have an effect.”

In Cape Town, commuters are facing the reality of the recent series of fuel price hikes and the knock-on effects they will have.

"All these things are very, very expensive. They're killing us," one commuter says.

"The petrol goes up and obviously the price of food also goes up and I think that the cost of living is so high already, it is tough," another one said.

"It's going to effect me as I'm going to have to dig deep into my pocket as it's affecting everything," a man said.

One woman commented on salary increases: "We can't be happy as the price increases, everything is more and the salary doesn't go up."

"I can't save for myself as I use all my money on transport," another woman explained.