[LISTEN] What you need to know about SIM swap scam

CapeTalk host John Maytham interviews forensic investigator Dr David Klatzow about the SIM swap scam.

CAPE TOWN - An 85-year-old pensioner had R300,000 stolen from his Nebdank account last week in a SIM swap scam.

The man's son, who would rather not be named, wrote to CapeTalk host John Maytham to relay the experience.

Forensic investigator Dr David Klatzow says the SIM swap scam has become more prevalent over the past three years.

"The story involves two sets; the banking and the cellphone industry. It involved firstly being able to identify where the money is, which I believe involves some dishonest component or negligent component of the banking industry.... The second thing is there's undoubtedly a dishonest component within the cellphone industry, who are able to do SIM swaps without the proper channels being followed."

Listen to the audio above for more.

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