At least 3 shot dead in Brakpan taxi violence

It's understood an argument broke out between taxi drivers from the Brakpan Association during a meeting in Tsakane earlier on Wednesday.

Three people have been killed and several others injured in Brakpan this morning following a shooting incident at the Wenden and High Street intersection. Picture: Thando Khubeka/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Police have confirmed four people have been shot dead and six others wounded in taxi violence in Brakpan.

It’s understood drivers of the Greater Brakpan Taxi Association had scheduled a meeting to air their issues but the executive failed to pitch up on Wednesday.

Eight people have been arrested and authorities have recovered 10 firearms.

The police’s Mavela Masondo said: “As they were approaching the offices of the taxi association when they were allegedly shot at by security officers that are hired by or contracted to the taxi association. Three of the victims died on scene.”

Police vehicles and paramedics have cornered off Wenden Street in Brakpan as a small crowd of bystanders watch forensic teams comb through the crime scene.

Masondo says when drivers from the Greater Brakpan Taxi Association were not met by an executive member, a gunfight broke out between them and security guards of the association.

“We seized 10 firearms, six rifles and four pistols. We also recovered ammunition.”

The captain says it appears there have been ongoing issues around taxi routes in the area and that investigation continues.

(Edited by Shimoney Regter)