[LISTEN] Moeletsi Mbeki: Why is the ANC saying it wants to expropriate land?

Political economy analyst Moeletsi Mbeki says the majority of the South African population is found in the urban areas and asks why the ANC wants to expropriate land.

JOHANNESBURG - Moeletsi Mbeki, political and economics analyst, says that nobody wants this land.

“Why is the ANC all of a sudden saying it’s going to expropriate land? The ANC’s vote in the last municipal was down to 54%... which is why it’s fishing around for all kinds of sensational policies that it thinks the population will vote for it.”

Mbeki further says the ANC is using propaganda to use white South Africans to tell poor blacks that they will take land away from white people.

Listen to the audio above for more.

(Edited by Refilwe Pitjeng)

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