Water usage in drought-stricken Cape Town spikes

In a statement, Deputy Mayor Ian Neilson said they would monitor water consumption.

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

CAPE TOWN - Cape Town’s water usage has spiked over the past week.

Collective consumption has gone up at 519 million litres a day.

This is 14 million litres more than the previous week.

Water inflow into the dams has largely balanced water usage, but dam levels have declined slightly and remain at 20,9%.

In a statement, deputy Mayor Ian Neilson said they would monitor water consumption.

“The reasons for the small increase in consumption are not definitive but it is possible that the warm, sunny days that were experienced last week influenced usage to an extent. Water consumption often fluctuates from day to day and this rise could therefore also be considered a normal change in usage.”

Level 6 B water restrictions are currently in place in Cape Town. Residents must use 50 litres of water or less per day, as officials implement projects, such as water management devices.

Residents also face a proposed water tariff increase, but Neilson has said it’s not set in stone.

He said that under Level 6 restrictions, there would possibly be an increase from R26 to R40 per kilolitre for the first six kilolitres a month. This boils down to over 50%. The Western Cape is in the midst of the worst drought in decades.

(Edited by Shimoney Regter)