DA rescinds Patricia de Lille's membership

The party's Federal Executive is briefing the media on the matter.

FILE: Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille. Picture: Cindy Archillies/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The Democratic Alliance (DA) has officially rescinded Patricia de Lille's party membership.

The federal executive, which is the party's top decision-making body, made the announcement a short while ago.

It briely outlined the history of the battle between De Lille and the party's national leadership.

The mayor has been accused by the party of a rash of allegations, including misconduct.

Speaking on the Eusebuis McKaiser Show shortly after the briefing, Natasha Mazzone said that if a DA member expresses intention to resign it's against the party's constitution.

"The Democratic Alliance constitution provides that a member ceases to be a member when he or she publicly declares his or her intention to resign and or publicly declares his or her resignation from the party. Now its ironic that I talk to you, as it was on your show that Mayor De Lille indicated and made known her intention to resign from the Democratic Alliance."

The DA's federal executive chairperson James Selfe delivered the final blow to De lille.

After weeks of confusion and public spats between the Cape Town mayor and the party's leadership it was an interview on the Eusebius McKaiser Show that sealed her fate.

In it, she told McKaiser that she would walk away from the DA, saying the writing was on the wall.

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De Lille must now either resign as mayor or take the matter to court.

She's told Eyewitness News that she will respond in a media briefing later today and is expected to speak to McKaiser on his show.

For it's part, the DA leadership has acknowledged the damage that the conflict and confusion has caused and has formally apologised to Cape Town ratepayers.

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