#RIPShamba: South Africans pay tribute to Shamba the lion

The video shows the lion, named Shamba, grabbing a man who tried to run away from the animal in a closed off area.

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

JOHANNESBURG – Social media has reacted to the killing of Shamba the lion, who was put down after attacking a the owner of the wildlife park he was kept.

Footage of the incident, in which Shamba attacks the man after he entered the enclosure, has gone viral, sparking outrage.

The video shows the lion grabbing the man, who tried to run away from the animal, and then dragging him further into the enclosure.

The British wildlife park owner is recovering in hospital after being mauled, while Shamba was shot dead.

South Africans on Twitter have had their say on the incident.

WARNING: Video footage may upset sensitive readers