Kanye West’s tweet on slavery sparks outrage

Provocative statements are second nature to 40-year-old rapper Kanye West.

FILE: Kanye West. Picture: AFP.

CAPE TOWN - After a prolonged hiatus, Kanye West finally returned to Twitter in April.

The rapper has made controversial comments on the online news and social networking service, which has seen him lose some of his followers.

Drake, Rihanna and The Weeknd were among the many artists who unfollowed the rapper after his pro-President Donald Trump tweet.

The seemingly random return to Twitter has introduced fans to a different side of West.

In his latest statement, West expressed his views about slavery during an interview on TMZ, saying it was a “choice”.

Following the backlash, the rapper went on to clarify the statement.

Provocative statements are second nature to the 40-year-old rapper but when he made the slavery remarks, TMZ’s Van Lathan took him to task for it.

Late in April, West spoke about his addiction to opioids during an interview with TMZ.

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Some of the Twitter reactions: