CT taxi drivers consider fare increase as fuel price hike looms

Bellville Taxi Rank manager Mogamat Gordon says the industry cannot keep up with the frequent fuel price hikes.

FILE: Cape Town minibus taxi rank. Picture: EWN

CAPE TOWN - The latest fuel price increase will affect business and commuters.

That's according to stakeholders in the taxi industry who were reacting to the announcement of a 49 cent hike in the petrol price and a 58 and 59 cent rise in the price of diesel.

The increases come into effect on Wednesday and follow a steep increase in April.

Bellville taxi rank manager Mogamat Gordon says that the industry cannot keep up with the frequent fuel price hikes.

“The petrol has gone up so tremendously that we can’t keep up. We are losing out on passengers, we are losing out on our wear and tear. It makes a huge impact on the industry as a whole.”

Taxi organisation, Codeta, says that not being subsidised by government weighs heavy on the pockets of operators.

Spokesperson Besuthu Ndungane says that they may consider increasing fares due to the latest fuel price increase.

"The longer the government keeps up unsubsidised the more we are going to be economically excluded nab that is our biggest concern."

Taxi fare from Bellville to Cape Town is currently R14.50 and between R15 and R16 from Khayelitsha to the CBD.