Cosatu, Fedusa not in on Saftu-led national strike

Fedusa has described the Saftu-led strike as 'irresponsible grandstanding'.

FILE: A general view of the Cosatu House in Johannesburg. Picture: @_cosatu/Twitter

CAPE TOWN - Cosatu and Fedusa have distanced themselves from a national strike on Wednesday.

A relatively newcomer to organised labour, the South African Federation of Trade Unions (Saftu), is leading the one-day industrial action.

It's opposed to changes to a raft of draft labour laws which includes a bill on the national minimum wage.

Fedusa has described the Saftu-led strike as “irresponsible grandstanding”.

It's rebuffed a call from the federation to back Wednesday's strike.

Fedusa's Frank Nxumalo said: “The strike is highly irresponsible, it is cheap grandstanding by Saftu. I mean our country at the moment has got an unemployment rate is 26.7%.”

Nxumalo adds Fedusa, along with Cosatu and Nactu, have worked hard during the ongoing national minimum wage negotiations.

Cosatu, which is also not on board with the industrial action, says it supports the national minimum wage and has no reason to strike over something that will benefit workers.