Rose McGowan says she doesn’t believe Weinstein will ever face legal action

The ‘Charmed’ actress has admitted she always warned Harvey Weinstein she would ‘come for’ him and insists she never signed a non-disclosure agreement.

FILE: Actress Rose McGowan. Picture: AFP.

LONDON - Rose McGowan always warned Harvey Weinstein she would “come for” him.

The Charmed actress previously agreed to take a sum of money from the disgraced movie producer in exchange for her silence over allegations he raped her, but she has admitted she asked for the money in an attempt to publicly shame him but never signed a non-disclosure agreement and vowed to speak out if she heard he’d subjected other women to similar ordeals.

She said: “There’s a misnomer that I was offered money - I requested money. I requested, bless my young heart, thought $100,000 was very much a lot of money, and enough to buy a billboard which I tried to buy it to say, ‘Harvey Weinstein is a rapist’, but they shut me down, surprisingly.

“And I was like, OK I never signed a non-disclosure agreement. I said if I hear of you doing this to another woman I will come for you. And it was 20 years ago and so I set about doing exactly what I said I would do.”

Though the 44-year-old actress has seen dozens of accusations made against Weinstein in the last six months, it’s taken her until now to feel a “true weight” has lifted and he won’t be making a Hollywood comeback.

Speaking on UK TV show Good Morning Britain, she said: “It was actually only recently, about two weeks ago, when the Weinstein Company declared bankruptcy that I felt the true weight lift, because it’s like this multi-headed hydra, this monster, and it kept trying to come back, and people kept trying to buy the company back for him, and I was like, no, you must stay down, it must show other people around the world that this can be done.

“It’s a relief, I suppose, to have people believe me, but I’ve operated and been slandered, and disliked, and maligned for no other reason than he [Weinstein] purchased press all over the world to do so, for 20-years.”

However, McGowan doesn’t believe Weinstein will ever face legal action for his alleged crimes.

She said: “I think you have to understand the judicial system is completely stacked against victims in any way, shape or form, in that most people cannot, in fact, seek justice that way. I think there should be specially trained police officers, and justices, and judges, that are specifically trained in sexual assault, sexual harassment and abuse, so they can understand it more. Right now, it’s going into regular court systems...It’s deeper than what it looks like on the surface, and I don’t think Harvey Weinstein will ever be prosecuted for any rapes.”