Tiger Brands: Inaccurate that we oppose class actions

The company says that the application for certification is a precursor to a claim action and that the class action has not started yet.

Picture: Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG - Fast-moving consumer goods company Tiger Brands says that the reports that it's opposed the class actions brought against it are inaccurate.

In a statement on Twitter, the company says two separate applications for certification of a class action have been filed, one by Richard Spoor and one by LHL attorneys.

"As a result, Tiger Brands is faced with two competing class actions which are mutually exclusive. What Tiger Brands is opposing is the fact that two class actions are being brought against us simultaneously. Procedurally, this is not possible."

The class action relates to the listeriosis outbreak which claimed the lives of at least 180 people.

Those who've been affected want bothy Tiger Brands and Enterprise Foods to be found liable for the deaths and injuries caused.

The company says that all parties need for the court to decide whether the class action should go ahead, which of the two class actions should go ahead or whether a hybrid of the two should go ahead.

"Tiger Brands cannot respond to two class actions concurrently. This is a legal administrative process with timelines for response, and Tiger Brands had to respond by the deadline to reserve its rights.

"We confirm that the application for certification is a precursor to a claim action. The class action has not started yet."