[UPDATE] At least 8 killed in Israel-Gaza border violence

Thousands of Palestinian protestors are burning tyres and demanding Israel end its occupation. The Israeli side of the Israel-Gaza board has been declared a closed military zone.

A picture taken on 15 February 2018 from the western Gaza strip border town of Rafah in shows a smoke plume rising on the Egyptian side of the border following an explosion. Picture: AFP.

ISRAEL/GAZA - The death toll in Gaza has risen to eight and scores more have been injured a week after 18 Palestinians were killed at similar demonstrations.

Palestinian health officials say that at least 780 protesters have been wounded, including seven women and 31 children.

The massive anti-occupation protest is continuing despite the fact that night has fallen.

For a second week, thousands of Palestinians are protesting along the eastern borders of the Gaza Strip as part of the Great March of Return movement.

One can hear the screeching of ambulances as they continue to ferry the injured to hospitals across Gaza.

There is also the constant sound of gunfire and tear gas canisters being shot into the air.

Throughout the day Palestinian youth have been burning tyres and holding mirrors to blind the soldiers stationed all along the border.

Protestors are burning American and Israeli flags and chanting slogans against the occupation.

They insist they will remain "defiant" despite Israel saying it will not change its rule of engagement.

Israeli tanks are positioned on the border and have been using sewerage water to disperse the crowds.

Palestinians are promising 45 days of protest against the occupation.

Organisers say this is the result of "years and years of frustration" by residents of the Gaza Strip.


The Israeli army says it thwarted multiple efforts to breach the Israel-Gaza border fence and admits to using live ammunition in some instances.

The situation is deteriorating by the minute; heavy gunfire is being reported across the Israel-Gaza border fence and the numbers of injured are expected to climb.

Palestinians are burning tyres which are sending thick plumes of black smoke into the air while Israeli soldiers are responding with tear gas and live fire.

The Israeli army says its targeting those Palestinians trying to breach the border fence and those trying to activate bombs against the soldiers under the cover of smoke.

The Israeli army has deployed snipers and tanks as the situation continues to escalate.

The Israeli side of the Israel-Gaza board has been declared a closed military zone.

The health ministry is also saying that most of the injuries are, as to be expected, to the upper body.

There are reports that the Palestinian protestors have reached two border points in eastern Rafah and east Bregje but it’s not yet clear if they’ve managed to penetrate the border.

The Israeli army is repeatedly saying that they will allow for no protestors to enter Israel.