'I've been wounded by the people I grew up with'

Former president Jacob Zuma told supporters that he is facing the same charges that he's always been accused of but have never been proven.

Jacob Zuma address the crowd after his court appearance outside the Durban high court. Picture: Ihsaan Haffajee/EWN.

DURBAN - Former president Jacob Zuma has hit out at his detractors saying that he has been wounded by the people that he grew up with.

Zuma spoke outside the Durban High Court on Friday morning where his corruption case has been postponed.

He says that he is facing the same charges that he's always been accused of but have never been proven.

Zuma has told thousands of supporters that the reinstatment of corruption charges against him is politically motivated.

The former statesman says he hopes God strengthens his supporters.

“Thank you very much, especially for your prayers and may God give you strength.”

Hundreds marched to the court earlier this morning where the former president finally appeared in the dock, after almost a decade, over charges related to the arms deal.

A short while ago, Zuma's corruption case was provisionally adjourned to 8 June.

State prosecutor Billy Downer explained why they want a postponement

"The purpose of the adjournment is two-fold. Firstly, in respect of accused number one, Mr Zuma, we've been informed by our learned friends for Mr Zuma the he wishes to bring a review application on the decision to prosecute him again and in that respect we've been informed that they hope to finalise the review papers by the middle of May."

The former president and his legal team are expected back at the court in early june, though, this will depend on whether Zuma's review application is dealt with by that time.

Judge Themba Sishi provisionally postponed proceedings and released Zuma on a warning.

He appeared alongside his co-accused, Christine guerrier, who is representing Thales.

The 12th of November has been suggested as a potential trial date but all of this depends on whether the review application is granted.

In March, NPA boss Shaun Abrahams rejected Zuma's latest representations on why he should not be prosecuted.

The former president is expected to challenge that decision by mid-May.