Social media calls out Vicki Momberg over cornrowed hair

Momberg appeared in the Randburg magistrates court for her appeal bid with her hair in cornrows.

FILE: Convicted racist Vicki Momberg appears in the Randburg Magistrates Court on 4 April 2018. Picture: Mia Lindeque/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - As Vicki Momberg made her entrance into the Randburg Magistrates Court on Wednesday, she looked very much the same as she did before being sentenced, but there was one major change in her look - she had her dark, shoulder-length hair in cornrows.

Momberg appeared in the court to appeal her sentencing for crimen injuria, after being convicted of verbally abusing black police officers in 2016, repeatedly referring to them and other black people as the k-word.

After noticing the hairstyle on her head, many social users commented on it, saying it was an insult, particularly for someone who was convicted for her racist rant.

Historically, cornrows have been associated with Africans and African culture as a form of expression and beauty across the continent. It was also adopted by black Americans as a symbol of pop culture in music and fashion.

Other celebs who are not black, including the Kardashians, have been slammed in the past for donning cornrows.