‘Comply and complain later’ RTMC tells aggrieved traffic officers

The RTMC says the conduct of Gauteng officers deployed to Mpumalanga over Easter weekend who refused shared accommodation is ‘unacceptable’.

Over 20 Gauteng police officers refused accommodation given during their deployment to Komatipoort in Mpumalanga over the Easter Holidays. Picture: RTMC Twitter

JOHANNESBURG – The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) has confirmed that close to 20 traffic police have refused to take up accommodation provided at a lodge at Komatipoort in Mpumalanga.

It’s understood police officers from Gauteng deployed to Mpumalanga were given rooms to share on Thursday evening.

The RTMC says the refusal by the officers to share accommodation is unacceptable conduct.

But some sources have told _Eyewitness News _that the officers were not given money for food either.

A source has toldEWN that close to 32 officers including their seniors had been booked accommodation at an 18-room lodge in Mpumalanga, near the border with Mozambique.

An officer says they had not been told beforehand that they would be sharing with other members.

One person says this is an infringement on their privacy, as while most staff are women, some are not heterosexual.

She says it's not that they have a problem with sexuality, but they did not feel comfortable sharing.

At the same time, the corporation's Simon Zwane says their grievances should have been brought forward after the long Easter Weekend.

“You comply and complain later. This matter could have been raised afterwards, there are other channels to raise these matters other than to behave in the manner that way they have. We are willing to listen but people must use the proper channels to raise issues.”

The RTMC says the matter will be deal with after the Easter holiday weekend.