Cricket world reacts to Darren Lehmann’s resignation

The cricketing world has reacted to Darren Lehmann resigning as the head coach of the Australian cricket team.

Australian cricket coach Darren Lehmann announces his resignation on 29 March 2018 in the wake of the ball-tampering scandal. Picture: Kayleen Morgan/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - The cricketing world has reacted to Darren Lehmann resigning as the head coach of the Australian cricket team.

This follows the banning of former captain Steve Smith and David Warner for twelve months due to the role they played in the ball-tampering incident which clouded the third Test in Cape Town.

Lehmann announced his resignation at a press conference in Johannesburg on Thursday afternoon.

Former South African cricketer, Peter Kirsten, says that Lehmann should be in the know as to what is happening in his change room.

“The media have been pointing fingers at him and as a head coach you have to take a large amount of responsibility,” Kirsten said.

“If they tried to deceive in terms of not telling him, it’s really unfortunate,” Kirsten added.

WATCH: Darren Lehmann resigns as Australia's cricket coach

SuperSport presenter Mike Haysman says that he was a surprised by the announcement from Lehmann and understood that he was under tremendous strain since the Cape Town test.

“I think seeing Smith break down this morning was the final straw,” Haysman said.

Haysman says the pressure Lehmann has had on him since the situation arose was enormous and the decision was made due to the culture of the team.

He went on to add that there was a lot of half-truths involved in the claims regarding whether sandpaper or tape was used to alter the condition of the ball.

He mentioned that the ban imposed on Steve Smith and Cameron Bancroft will serve as a good deterrent.

Haysman says these off-field issues have taken the shine off the South Africans and has urged fans to go out to the Wanderers to support the team or to watch the match on SuperSport.

Meanwhile, South African cricketing legend, Ali Bacher, says that it was the right decision in the interest of Australian cricket.

“It’s like a big company and ultimately the buck stops with the top people.

"I think in this case, it’s with Lehmann, so in this case I think they made the right call,” Bacher added.

The former cricketer went on to add that he expects Cricket Australia to bounce back before the 2019 Cricket World Cup.