Guptas in hot water in India after court no-show

The Gupta family were to explain how they amassed several properties.

FILE: Atul Gupta. Picture: AFP

JOHANNESBURG – They are not only in trouble with the law in South Africa, the Guptas are in even hotter water in India.

It's unclear how Indian authorities are going to react after the Gupta brothers failed to appear in a local court.

They were to explain how they amassed several properties.

It is understood that Indian officials suspect that the Guptas unlawfully brought money into the country and then fraudulently obtained properties.

Earlier this month, they sent their accountant to face tax authorities and were granted a 10-day extension. But they failed to appear before the court on Monday.

Indian journalist Venkat Narayan says: “They have not specifically said what they will do if the Guptas do not show up, but they will absolutely make things difficult for them.”

(Edited by Shimoney Regter)