Reports: Zuma to be issued court summons

Former President Jacob Zuma is to be issued with summons to appear in court in April for corruption charges.

FILE: Former President Jacob Zuma answers questions during the last presidential answer session for the year in Parliament on 2 November 2017. Picture: AFP

CAPE TOWN – Its being reported that former President Jacob Zuma is to be issued with a summons to appear in court for corruption charges on the 6 April.

It’s understood Zuma will appear in the Durban High Court.

While the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) is being mum on the details surrounding the imminent summons, last month its head Shaun Abrahams announced that charges against the former president relating to money laundering and corruption will be reinstated after being dropped in 2009.

The charges relate to 783 suspicious payments Zuma allegedly received in connection with the controversial multi-billion-rand arms deal.

The Hawks say the summons for Zuma's court appearance will be issued once a few details have been finalised.

Zuma is facing 16 charges of corruption, money laundering and racketeering.

However, the investigative unit says there are some administrative delays in the issuing of the summons, but everything should be finalised shortly.

Spokesperson Hangwani Mulaudzi says, as a result, the date for Zuma's appearance in the Durban High Court will be confirmed soon.

β€œThe issues of summonses have not been finalised. We are still in the process of closing that chapter. Once we have done that we will note the actual date for court.”