Ferguson: Rape case because Jordaan didn’t take offer to engage

Jennifer Ferguson says her initial intent had been to settle her matter with the Danny Jordaan outside the process of legal prosecution over the rape allegation.

Singer, songwriter and political activist Jennifer Ferguson did an interview on Radio 702 on Tuesday 20 March 2018. Picture: 702

JOHANNESBURG – Former African National Congress (ANC) Member of Parliament (MP) Jennifer Ferguson says she opened a rape case against Danny Jordaan because the South African Football Association (Safa) president did not take the opportunity to engage with her on a personal level, and denied he sexually assaulted her through the media instead.

Ferguson opened a case at the Parkview police station last week.

Police have confirmed the case has been transferred to Port Elizabeth.

Last year, the former MP publicly accused Jordaan of sexually assaulting her at a PE hotel in 1994.

She says her initial intent had been to settle her matter with the Safa president outside the process of legal prosecution.

Ferguson says she offered Jordaan the opportunity to talk to her in a mediative process outside of formal legal action - but he chose not to - and denied the allegation through a media statement.

The former ANC MP says her offer to speak amicably with Jordaan is consistent with the truth and reconciliation process, which acknowledged the common humanity and need for the healing of both the victim and the perpetrator.

Jordaan has continued to deny her allegations saying he will prove his innocence in court.