Human Library breaks barriers by telling unique stories

The Human Library is an initiative where people are the books - telling incredible and unique stories to break down stereotypes.


The Human Library is a global movement that sees people become 'books' who tell their incredible stories and journeys to help combat prejudice and break down stereotypes.

The Cape Town chapter of the movement has partnered with Lead SA to create a compelling podcast series where South Africans who have undergone unique, harrowing and inspiring journeys can share their stories.

The Human Library Podcast Series launch commemorates Human Rights Week - with a new podcast and new story shared every day from 19-24 March.

An abuse and addiction survivor, a man who lives on the streets by choice, and a drag queen who has a loving relationship with his priest father are only a few of the people who will be featured in the series.

To follow the Human Library Podcast Series, you can visit the LeadSA website. You can also join the conversation by following the Lead SA and Human Library Cape Town social media channels, as well as #BeyondTheCover.