Saftu, Unite Behind welcome decision to prosecute Zuma

The Democratic Alliance, Saftu and Unite Behind now want NPA head, Shaun Abrahams to go

Members of the #UniteBehind movement. Picture: @UniteBehind/Twitter

CAPE TOWN - The decision to have former president Jacob Zuma face the music has been widely welcomed.

The South African Federation of Trade Unions’ (Saftu) Patrick Craven said: “It has raised the question why the ANC as a whole has blocked any attempt to push ahead with these charges. The ANC as a whole including its former deputy president has done nothing to bring these charges to court.”

But the decision to prosecute the ex-president doesn't stop there for some, the Democratic Alliance as well as Saftu, want NPA head, Shaun Abrahams to go.

Craven said: “The big question then will be who will replace him and I hope that the new head of the NPA will not hesitate to bring additional charges as and when new evidence becomes available which I’m sure it will if not already there on their files.”

Civil society group, Unite Behind's Matthew Hirsch, says the move to prosecute Zuma is long overdue.

“This was in light of the fact that Shaun Abrahams had given Zuma an outrageous deadline of 30 November as to why he should not be charged with corruption, this deadline was further extended into 2018. We also call for Mr Shaun Abrahams to step down as the head of the NPA.”