[MY TAKE] Reasons to visit the beach

No place in the world can compete with the ocean and the sand, says EWN’s Refilwe Pitjeng.

A general view of Mont Choisy Beach in Mauritius. Picture: Picture: Refilwe Pitjeng/EWN.

PORT LOUIS - Nothing beats the sound of birds, water crashing against water, blue sea and the smell of salt water.

So far, I have been to three countries outside of South Africa (Swaziland, Mozambique and Mauritius) and counting.

My favourite part of any holiday must include water; it can be a pool, but the beach is a must. Below are the beaches I have experienced and what I liked most about them.


Okay, everything you heard about Mauritius beaches is true! No, it’s not Photoshop.

The sand is white, almost like the colour of porridge just before it becomes pap. It is soft and neatly nestles between your toes. The beach is situated on the north-west coast of the island, a five-minute drive away from the popular tourist town of Grand Baie.

The water is turquoise blue with a soothing feel. It’s crystal clear, warm and friendly, begging you to spend the whole day there!

Mauritius beaches are awesome because they are surrounded by trees as the island used to be a forest.

The water is often still, with little to no waves. The weather is hot and humid so pack all of the necessary sun equipment.

Picture: Refilwe Pitjeng/EWN.


According to Wikipedia, Ponta do Ouro (meaning ‘tip of gold’) is a town in the extreme south of Mozambique.

It is known for its beach, dolphins and offshore diving and deep-sea fishing.

The water is a deep inviting blue, it’s so blue I thought I would see sharks. The sand is soft but hot because of the heat (December summer time). Make sure you are wearing flip-flops or sandals. Take them off once you get to the water. The temperature of the water is also warm.

Picture: Refilwe Pitjeng/EWN.


Surrounded by lush green vegetation and trees, the water at this beach is a faded blue that almost looks white.

The sand is nice and soft, you could take a nap at the beach. The water temperature? Cold!

The first time I stepped into this water I said “Yei! Yerrr! Brrr, shucks that’s cold!” I immediately stepped out because I am so used to warm beaches, I had to mentally prepare myself before heading back in.

The sound of the waves going up and down is amazing.

Can we address the salt content of this water? I know it’s the sea and it’s supposed to be salty, but oh my word! It tasted like chlorine dipped in pink Himalayan salt. It’s still a beautiful beach though.

The Nahoon River flows into the sea making it look breathtakingly beautiful.

Picture: Thabiso Mofikoe.


Flanked by long piers, Durban North Beach is ideal for spending your entire day there.

The relatively calm waters make it a popular spot for both swimmers and surfers. Because it’s so accessible and cheap to travel to, most people travel to Durban for some ocean time.

Because of the waves crashing against the rocks and the beach itself, the water can sometimes be a foamy blue-white colour.

No place in the world can compete with the ocean and the sand. It will always be the preferable option. The beach has that thing about it… it’s a calming agent, it’s stunning and a creative juice starter.

So, let’s go to the beach!