DA to challenge land expropriation ‘with every tool available’

The Democratic Alliance has held a briefing on Monday where it reiterated its opposition to land expropriation without compensation.

Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane. Picture: Christa Eybers/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - The Democratic Alliance (DA) has reiterated its opposition to land expropriation without compensation, saying the party will challenge the policy if it's adopted in Parliament.

The DA has held a briefing on Monday where it set out the party's position on land reform.

Party leader Mmusi Maimane says the DA will oppose the amendment of the Constitution with every tool available.

“What is clear is that now there is sufficient support in Parliament to substantially erode property rights from the Constitution.”

The DA says while its rejection of land expropriation without compensation has consequences for the party in Nelson Mandela Bay, it will not change its position by bowing to Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) pressure.

The red berets have issued what it calls a warning shot to the party, saying it will table a motion of no confidence in Nelson Mandela Bay mayor Athol Trollip to punish the DA for not supporting the expropriation without compensation motion in Parliament.

The EFF and the DA are in cooperation in two other metros, Tshwane and Johannesburg.

DA leader Mmusi Maimane has spoken about the cosying up between the African National Congress and the EFF, saying the governing party is allowing itself to be dictated to by the red berets on issues of policy.

“They’ve surrendered that space to say policy will be dictated to by the EFF. As you saw last week in Parliament, they were ambiguous about whether we should nationalise the Reserve Bank or not. That’s an EFF policy.”

The ANC voted in support of the EFF motion in Parliament to review the Constitution to allow for expropriation without compensation.

Maimane says all this has done is stoke racial tensions in the country.

“This cannot be a debate that must be reduced between whether it’s a contestation between black and white, which will not bode well for our project of building one nation with one future.”

He says while his party supports land reform, the EFF and the ANC approach will do nothing but erode private property rights.