McLaren 720S, a game-changing machine

Journalist Jacob Moshokoa says this is by far the best supercar he's ever driven and believes the McLaren is leading the way for many other supercars expected to be released this year.

McLaren 720S. Picture: Jacob Moshokoa/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - In recent years McLaren crop of supercars has shaken up the niche category, giving the more recognised car manufacturers a run for their money.

And the introduction of the 720S may have Italian engineers scratching their heads to compete with this game-changing machine.

Earlier in March, I spent 24 hours with this British-born beast and quickly realised why other manufacturers are losing sleep over the 720S.

Having driven the McLaren 650S and 570S before, I wasn’t in unfamiliar territory when I jumped in. But as soon as I planted my right foot on the accelerator my entire world was changed.

The power is incomparable to its younger siblings and it’s simply too quick for a normal road, meaning every time I shifted a gear it was to try and tame the demon unleashed from its mid-mounted four litres V8 twin-turbo engine.

GALLERY: Highly upgraded McLaren 720S

The stats of the 720S are just ridiculous: it goes from 0 to 100km/h in just 2.5 sec and has 427kw at the wheels with 770Nm of torque.

The light alloy wheels (an R80,000 optional extra), light carbon chassis and aluminium body shell help in making it lighter around the bends.

Inside the cockpit, it’s decked with Alcantara finishing’s and forged carbon fibre trimmings, 12 speakers, a touch screen system (which actually works) and a cleverly designed speedometer which flips away at a touch of a button for a slicker look.

Driving the car mostly in comfort mode meant it was practical to navigate around Johannesburg streets apart from every second or third person whipping out a camera phone to snap a picture.

WATCH: McLaren 720S

As I mentioned, the 650S and 570S were nowhere near as comfortable as the current 720S and a suspension lift system means those dreaded speedbumps are no longer a problem.

This is by far the best supercar I’ve ever had a chance to drive and I firmly believe the McLaren brand is leading the way for many other supercars expected to be released this year.

If I had R6 million laying around for a proper track toy which easily crosses over to commuting daily in city driving, then 720S is definitely the car for me.

WATCH: McLaren 720S - Design Innovation