ANC appeals to members to demonstrate discipline ahead of 2019 elections

The party's head of elections Fikile Mbalula says members must demonstrate leadership.

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JOHANNESBURG – The African National Congress (ANC) has appealed to its members to demonstrate the highest level of discipline and unity as it prepares to contest the 2019 national elections.

The party is holding a two-day workshop in Boksburg aimed at outlining its strategy for its campaign.

In 2016, the ANC lost three key metros for the first since 1994.

The party's head of elections Fikile Mbalula says members must demonstrate leadership.

“We’re expected to demonstrate high levels of discipline and unity. It is a duty of every ANC member to help all eligible voters; get an identity document, check their addresses and register to vote.”

Mbalula says the party is aware that the 2019 national elections will be highly contested and it wants to ensure its campaign is up to the task.

“Our intention going into the 2019 elections is to win the overwhelming support of our people.”

Mbalula says the party wants to deal with critical problems in order to secure an overwhelming victory.

“More must be done to meet the needs of our people faster not just in the build-up to the elections but all the time.”

Mbalula said the party wants to deal with unemployment, crime and corruption among other issues as it heads to the 2019 elections.

“The people of South Africa are looking forward to a united ANC, that’s not at war with itself.”

Mbalula said the ANC is also working on uniting its structures.

“The message that will be coming from the workshop will be very clear; it is not and cannot be business as usual.”

Zuma smiled and laughed as the media took pictures and videos of him.


The ANC says it's planning to go into the 2019 national elections united and not at war with itself.

The ANC lost three key Metros for the first time since the dawn of South Africa’s democracy in the local government elections in 2016.

Mbalula said should the opportunity arise for the ANC to govern the Metro’s they're open to talks of coalitions.

“The ANC is open to that... that includes all other Metros.”

The party says it also extended an invitation to former presidents Thabo Mbeki and Kgalema Motlanthe.