Fergie's rendition of US anthem slammed by stars

Several stars and Twitter users have slammed Fergie's rendition of the 'Star-Spangled Banner', with some suggesting it was the 'worst ever' version of the song.

American singer Fergie: Picture: Instagram/@fergie

LOS ANGELES - Fergie' s rendition of the US national anthem at the NBA All-Star game was by slammed celebrities and viewers.

The 42-year-old singer performed the _Star-Spangled Banner _at Los Angeles' Staples Centre on Sunday ahead of the annual exhibition basketball match, but several stars were not impressed and some fans branded it the "worst ever".

Roseanne Barr - who performed a crotch-grabbing rendition of the tune in 1990 - wrote on Twitter: "Who saw Fergie's national anthem performance at the NBA All Star Game? I think mine was better lowkey (sic)"

Fergie's rendition even prompted some calls for the anthem to be axed.

Singer k.d. lang tweeted: "Would it be so bad if we just dropped the national anthem altogether from sports events.(sic)"

As well as the national anthem, the pre-match entertainment at the All-Star game featured a 15-minute opener from Kevin Hart, and the whole thing left Khloe Kardashian "confused".

She tweeted: "This All-Star opening is confusing me. WTF is going on? Anyone? (sic)"

But not everyone slated Fergie's rendition, with legendary basketball player Shaquille O'Neal praising her for a "different" and "sexy" version of the song.

He tweeted: "Fergie, I love you. It was different, it was sexy. (sic)"


But several people took to Twitter to poke fun at the Black-Eyed Peas frontwoman.

One wrote: "Fergie with the absolute worst rendition of the national anthem that I have ever heard in my entire life. No exaggeration. That was awful. (sic)"

Another posted: "The WORST National Anthem EVER! (sic)"

One shared: "That wasn't Fergie that was a clone ... hahahaha (sic)"

While Fergie's performance wasn't to everyone's tastes, the match was an exciting one with Lebron James' team beating Stephen Curry's side 148-145.

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