Jacob Zuma’s resignation welcomed

The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation's Neeshan Balton says Zuma's resignation was long overdue.

FILE: Former president, Jacob Zuma, responding to questions in the National Assembly on 2 November 2017. Picture: GCIS

CAPE TOWN – Jacob Zuma's resignation has been widely welcomed. The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation is relieved.

The organisation's Neeshan Balton says Zuma's resignation was long overdue.

“We’re also very happy that finally one of the last wishes of Ahmed Kathrada has come to fruition, although at great cost to the country.

“But we think that this is only the first step in the long process of cleaning up the rot that set in under president Zuma.”

The ANC has welcomed Zuma's resignation, saying it's consistent with what the party said - that he would never defy the liberation movement.

The party's Jessie Duarte says that Zuma has reaffirmed his commitment to the party's principles.

“The ANC, nonetheless, wants to salute the outstanding contribution he has made and expressed its profound gratitude to him for the role he has played in the ANC.”

The ANC has described its decision to recall Zuma as a painful and difficult decision.

The party also responded at its headquarters in Johannesburg last night, saying that the party plans to meet with Zuma to do a handover.

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The Right2Know Campaign says it's shedding no tears.

The Campaign's Busi Mtabane says: “We’ll remember him for the Secrecy Bill, for Marikana and of course his corruption.

“We’ll remember him for selling out the people of South Africa in a series of corruption deals. So, we definitely welcome this move.”

The man lauded for being a shrewd politician who managed to outsmart many of his opponents has played his last card giving to calls for him to step down.

Zuma survived years of opposition attempts to get him out of the Union Buildings but it was pressure from his own comrades that forced him to address the nation on Wednesday night, confirming the end of his almost nine years as South Africa’s president.

But Zuma says his decision to leave is not because of a fear for a motion of no confidence that the ANC planned to support in Parliament today if he defied Wednesday’s deadline to quit.

He had earlier told the South African Broadcasting Corporation in an exclusive interview that the ANC has not yet told him why he’s been recalled.

It appears that Zuma has spent a significant amount of time explaining what he did right during his time in office.

Zuma arrived 30 minutes late but appeared to be his usual self.

Zuma's tone changed and for a short time it seemed like he may not resign.

Eventually, he did, rather reluctantly.